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Please pay for software that you use!

To make it possible to continue with distributing tools and utilities here, for example to pay for web site, software signing certificates and other costs, you are more than welcome to pay a voluntary "fee" for the software that you download and use. There are several ways to pay.

You can use PayPal services to send money:
You can transfer money to bank account:
IBAN: LT09 3250 0918 4287 0165
BIC: REVOLT21 (Intermediary BIC: BARCGB22)
Bank name: Revolut Bank UAB, Vilnius, Lithuania
You can transfer money to bank account:
Account number: 89360575
Sort code: 04-29-09
Bank name: Revolut Ltd, London, UK
PlusGiro number: 132642-0
BankGiro number: 5699-9766

Information for companies within European Union: Company VAT number is SE969697040001. Please contact me if you need a formal invoice or similar!

If you have any questions, please contact Olof Lagerkvist. E-mail: or phone: +46 70 345 89 52.

Thank you!

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