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LTR Data

Vill du hellre se den svenska sidan - klicka här!

Phone: +46 70-345 89 52

I have about 26 years wide-range experience of systems administration, integration of business applications and systems services, particularly Windows. I live in BorĂ¥s, Sweden and my clients are located in many different countries. If you would like to see a list of most of my experience, please download my CV. For a CV more specifically focused on the various kinds of programming experiences, download this instead. (Last CV update: 07 July 2021.)

Free software download
Take a look at my free open source programs. It is a large collection of tools and utilities, mostly for Windows administration, technical support or software development. These tools could also be seen as examples of what kind of specialized programs I can write or modify for your needs, so if you have any questions about these programs, error reports or ideas about modifications please send me an e-mail.

LTR Data, Olof Lagerkvist, Borås, Sweden
Tel: +46 70 345 89 52
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